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Memory 2

First Christmas


It was two weeks after Athena was adopted and one week after Athena's colic was cured that Christmas was suddenly around the corner. And despite being mutants living in an underground sewers alcove under a metropolis, the four turtle brothers were super-excited about Christmas like any other child. Especially since this was going to be baby Athena's first Christmas, so the four brothers wanted to make this a special holiday.

With Splinter out to get a tree this particular Christmas Eve, the turtles were left with tending to Athena and the household decorating. Although with kids, it's hard to decorate nicely and the fact they can't stand on the stool without Master Splinter nearby to watch over them. But that didn't stop them from decorating what they could reach. That included Athena's cradle-basket.

The edges of the opening where Athena would be taken out or placed into were decorated with shimmering silver garland that Splinter found earlier in the season and Leo placed a perfectly-tied red ribbon at the top of the basket's canopy, just high enough to keep away from the tiny hands of little Athena.

In the basket, Athena was dressed in a green baby wrap and was tucked in with a candy cane-themed fleece blanket, fast asleep while her brothers, dressed in fleece ponchos in their favorite colors as they discussed the upcoming holiday.

"Ok. Tomorrow's Christmas day. What did you guys get Splinter?" Leo asked.

"I made him a picture of the six of us." Mikey announced, showing a kid's drawing of the family.

"I made a picture frame out of some wood I found in a storm drain." Donny announced, showing a wooden picture frame with spiral engravings that only a kid could manage.

"I made this." Raph muttered as he held out a string bracelet with five round beads on it. One in red, another in blue, a third in purple, a fourth in orange, and the fifth in a green and white swirl.

The boys didn't say anything and looked to Leo to see what he got for their sensei. "I painted a box I found in the sewers, thinking it might be useful." Leo showed his brothers a black box with pink cherry blossom petals floating away from a branch covered in cherry blossoms on the lid.

"What about Athena?" Mikey asked.

"Got her gift for Master Splinter covered." Leo answered by opening the box to show an origami swan covered in shimmering glitter.

"That's not what I mean." Mikey spoke, shaking his head.

Donny raised his brow in a questioning look.

"What do you mean then, Mikey?"

Michelangelo then gestured to the cradle-basket with both arms.

"I mean what did you guys get Athena for a present? 'Cause I haven't thought of anything."

That raised an interesting question among the remaining brothers.

What would the get for Athena for Christmas?

"Well I haven't gotten anything for her." Raphael admitted.

"This will prove difficult, considering we don't know what Athena will like when she's older." Donatello spoke.

Leonardo then lightly pounded the table they were circled around, careful not to wake his baby sister.

"We've got to get Athena something that will be a great part of her first Christmas. We'll do what we did for Splinter. We'll split up and figure out what to get Athena on our own. Then meet up to show what we're giving her."

The brothers nodded in agreement before giving high three's, which resulted in rudely awaking Athena and making the brothers groan.


Mikey was the first to get started with his project for his sister's present. A picture wasn't going to be enough to be a perfect gift. To help him think, Mikey grabbed his oven mitt super-hero toy and began to play with it. He remembered the day he made his toy out of an oven mitt, a piece of fabric, and two buttons he found in the sewer. With their 'predicament', the best current toys are far from reach, sometimes a homemade toy is just a great as the next action figure.

It was then that the idea hit him: Make a doll for Athena! Sure, he would have to work on his sewing. Thankfully, a part of the sewer nearby was under a fabric shop. Of course, he'd have to disobey Splinter's orders about going to the surface. But it was for his sister. So, like a shot, Mikey snuck out of the lair and headed to the fabric store.

Once he reached the manhole to the store, Mikey climbed up the ladder and moved the piece of metal, allowing him access to the surface. Thankfully, he didn't need to go far to find fabric. There was a box of fabric next to some trashcans at the back of the store. After making sure no one was looking, Mikey grabbed the box and got back into the sewer before you can say 'cowabunga'.

After he returned to the lair, Mikey got to work.


Donny was trying to figure out what to make for Athena that was meaningful. He couldn't make any kind of machinery for fear of her swallowing a screw or worse. But he also wanted to use his brain to make it. But what could he do?

Deciding to take a break, Donny left his room and went to the living area. It was there that he saw Mikey working with a needle and a thread, poking his fingers while he was at it.

"What are you working on?" T

he second youngest brother asked the youngest. Mikey answered, not taking his eyes off the cloth he was working on.

"A doll for Sis."

Donny tilted his head in thought.

"A doll? Out of cloth?"

"Well, isn't that how the first dolls were made? And don't say anything about Corn Dolls. I couldn't find a cob anywhere."

"But what about clay dolls?"

Mikey then looked up from his project and gave a quizzled look.

"You can make dolls out of clay?"

Realizing what he had said, Donny held up his hands in front of his brother.

"J-just stick with a cloth doll. She'll appreciate that more."

As he continued to make the doll, Mikey then spoke.

"Did you come up with something to give Athena?"

Donny blushed with embarrassment. But as he was about to say something, he saw some yarn and a set of knitting needles in the box along with an instruction book.

"Well that was convenient." He thought.

Taking the knitting items, Donny spoke to Mikey.

"Can I borrow these?"

Mikey looked at what his brother had and shrugged as he went back to work.

"Go ahead. Just be sure to snip up some yarn hair for me when you can."

Thanking Mikey, Donny took his items to his room and began to work.


Leo and Raph didn't have much luck in finding a gift on their own, so they went to work to finding their gifts together. They went to the section of the sewer that was underneath the junkyard to find anything that might have been swept away. As they were looking, they began to talk.

"So what are Mikey and Donny doin' back at the lair?" Raph asked.

Leo answered as he looked through some rubbish.

"Mikey's making a doll and Donny's doing some knitting. Won't tell me what, though."

Raph couldn't help but snicker.

"But ain't knitting and sewing girl's work?"

"Not exactly. Master Splinter sews."

"But that's because Athena needed cloths and diapers. Those two are making toys and whatever."

Leo rolled his eyes.

"It's the thought that counts, Raph. Now let's see if we can find something for Athena."

Raph kept quiet as they scrounged for something to give their sister. The red turtle found a toy cat that needed a good scrubbing and sewing along with a pair of button eyes. Leo, on the other hand, couldn't find anything, so he decided to go back to the lair with Raph and his present.

As Raph was cleaning up the toy, Leo began to wonder what he should get Athena. The baby didn't need much other than the bare necessities. Of course, she will be getting too big for her cradle-basket once she's a toddler. Looking at his sleeping sister, Leo got an idea.

"That's it!"

Turning on his heel, Leo dashed out of the lair and returned with a wagon to the junkyard's sewer. There, he scrounged around once again until he found what he was looking for.

"Perfect! Now to get it fixed and ready for Christmas."

Christmas day came and the boys were eager to give their father and sister their presents. Splinter had come home with the tree the night before and noticed how hard his sons were working on their presents. It did his heart good when he found out what his sons were giving their sister for her first Christmas.

After being poked a hundred times and was forced to wear bandages on his fingers along with some help from Splinter, Mikey made Athena a little brown yarn-haired doll that wore a greed dress and had button eyes. It wasn't much, but it was pretty good considering it was made by a five-year old. Mikey gave the doll the name 'Takara', which meant 'treasure' in Japanese.

After getting himself tangled a bunch of time and getting poked by the knitting needles, Donny made Athena a green and white stripped blanket large enough to cover the entire family. He didn't know how to stop and just kept going until Splinter got home to help him end the massive blanket. But it was certain that it will keep Athena warm during the winter months.

Raph, after getting it sewed up and washed, gave the blue and purple plaid cat some navy blue button eyes and had Splinter embroider a smile and a new nose on the kitty's face. He gave the kitty the name 'Hikari', which meant 'light'.

And Leo's gift had the most assemblage that he needed both Donny and Splinter to help him clean it up and put it together. It was an old oak crib with a new mattress, pillow, and coverings in a solid light green color. The coverings was all Leo could find at the moment, but he got them cleaned with Hikari and checked countless times to make sure that the crib was sturdy and the baby wouldn't hurt herself in anyway.

Despite only a couple of months old at most, Athena was very happy with her Christmas presents.

After his children gathered around to play with Athena, Splinter walked over to the tree he obtained and pulled out from his kimono a small box. Inside were five fabrage egg ornaments that were in his children's respective colors: red, blue, green, orange, and violet. Splinter had found these eggs while scowering the surface for a present for his children.

After finding the beautiful eggs, Splinter was making his way home, his cloak protecting him from the cold, when he witnessed a pair of thieves trying to rob a jewelry store. Despite his better judgment, Splinter attacked the thieves and tied them up, keeping his cloak close so that he would not be discovered.

The store owner, grateful to Splinter, asked if there was any way he could reward the cloaked stranger. After refusing, the store owner noticed the egg box and asked what he was getting his loved ones for Christmas. Leaving the mutation details out, Splinter explained about his children and his find and was ready to head home when the store owner came up with an idea.

After re-entering his store, the store owner came out with the most beautiful crystal lotus blossom Splinter had ever seen. It was green like emeralds and glistened among the streetlights and the Christmas snow. At first, Splinter refused over and over again. But in the end, he surrendered at the man's generosity and gratitude and took the crystal free of charge. He decided it would be his personal gift to his daughter, just as his sons have made personal gifts for their sister.

Once his sons were in bed, worn out from their antics and activates, Splinter carried his daughter to the crib Leo salvaged and tucked her in with the blanket Donny made. He then placed Hikari and Takara in the crib before Splinter finally finished with his gifts. On the tree he placed the five fabrage eggs in various places before returning to Athena's room to place the crystal lotus on the dresser nearby.

And before he left, he turned to his sleeping daughter and whispered, "Merii Kurisumasu, Athena."

Years later, Athena still cherishes Takara and Hikari, wraps herself up with the giant blanket, and keeps the crystal lotus in her room for display. As for the crib, she grew out of it, but they still keep it for the future.
Sorry for the long wait. Had to figure out what to next. Plus, I had a contest that demanded that I update every month for three of my fics. The present Splinter gives Athena its picture can be found at my bio.

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Athena is a human and I had said the turtles were five in this chapter. If you wish to know more about Athena, take a look at the main fic "Our Little Sister". It should explain a few things.

Here's the link for the first chapter. [link]

Also, thank you for the review.
BlueRoseKelly Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012
Yeah I read that they were five years old after I posted the comment sorry ^^; and I am reading the first one with Mikey singing.
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