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October 7, 2012
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May I Stay the Night with You?



You wake to the sound of something clawing at your bedroom door, which was odd since there were no pets in your section of the mansion that you lived in. Wanting the scratching to stop you get up from your comfy bed and grabbed a (your favorite color) robe and wrapped it around your body, covering your (choice in pajamas).

You sleepily made your way to the door and looked out the peephole. You groan tiredly as you see a familiar brunette man crying on the other side. Unlocking your door, you opened it and spoke.

"Italy? What are you doing here?"

Italy cried out like a baby as he rapidly told you.

"I had a night-a-mare and it was so scary and now I can't sleep so may I stay the night with you, (your name)?"

You really didn't want to, not because you didn't like the guy. In fact, you thought he was cute. Then again, so were the other guys that lived in the manor with you and Italy.

"What about the others? Why don't you bunk with Germany or Japan or someone else?"

Italy told you.

"I tried that and everyone either shut the door in my face or tells me to go back to bed. Please, (your name), I can't go back to my room alone. Please! Please! Please! Please!--"

You placed a hand over Italy's mouth to make him stop begging. Tired and not wanting to be mean, you gave in.

"Alright. Fine. You can stay. But one night only."

Upon hearing your words, Italy embraced you with the tightest bear hug his strength can muster, which wasn't a whole lot on your part. After he let you go, Italy ran back into his room to get a change of clothes for the following morning while you tried to figure out who was going to sleep where. When Italy came back, you decided to ask him.

"Where do you want to sleep? Couch, sleeping bag, or bed."

Italy just smiled at you and answered.

"I'd be happy to sleep wherever you're sleeping."

Too tired to care, you went back into bed and Italy crawled in at the other side. He squirmed a bit and had his happy face on.

"This bed is a-nice and warm. Are these flannel sheets? How many blankets do you have on

You answered the questions in order as your eyes closed.

"Yes and four, including the sheet and comforter. Now go to sleep."

About two hours later, you wake to find that Italy was latched on to you like a leech and surprisingly, you couldn't push him away from you. The more you pushed, the tighter Italy's grip was. Just then, you hear him muttering in his sleep. Scratch that. He was crying.

"(Your name)…don't…go… Don't…leave …us… Don't…leave…me."

Upon hearing this, you became concerned. Was he dreaming that you were going away? You shook him gently until he managed to open his amber eyes and took notice of you. Smiling, he hugged you tightly.

"(Your name)! I was worried you have left! But you're still here! Yay!"

You covered his mouth again to keep him from yelling, but removed your hand when he quieted down.

"Italy. That nightmare you had. Was it about me leaving?"

Italy looked at you, stunned for a few moments. Then, he brought you closer to him so that he could bury his head into your collarbone. He then began to shake as you felt wet tears through your (pajama top/nightgown top).

"S-si. You were walking away and I was trying to keep up with you. But you kept walking,
(your name)! You didn't even look back!"

The sound of this stung you. A couple of weeks ago, when you were accidently brought to this world by an experiment of England and Japan's gone wrong, you would've left for your home world without a second thought. Now, with nearly everyone in the manor was your friend, even though some want to as far as friends with benefits (glares at Prussia and France), you find that the thought of leaving was hard.

Now, with Italy in your bed, crying on your shoulder, you felt a sting of guilt as each tear touched your skin through your clothes. Out of all the countries that lived here, you liked Italy the most and you hated to see him cry with such sadness.

Gently, you wrapped your arms around Italy and hugged him.

"It's ok, Italy. I'm not going anywhere, for now."

Italy fell asleep in your arms that night, yet you didn't mind. Instead, you kept hugging him, even when you fell asleep, too.

So every night, whenever he had a nightmare, Italy was free to spend the night with you.

And Italy was never more safe or happier.
I've been reading ReaderxHetalia fics last night and I couldn't get this idea out of my head.

This is my first ReaderX fan fic and my first Hetalia fic. I hope you enjoy.

I do not own Hetalia.

Next: China: [link]
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